Morphosis is a biomimic in-house appliance which turns food waste into biofertilizer. This chemical reaction produces both a methane-rich biogas to power the appliance itself and a biological fertiliser that can be used in hydroponic farming to boost crop growth without exhausting the soil. Morphosis is the hybrid of ancient engineering, anaerobic digestion, and modern agritech, hydroponics

Food waste management is the biggest challenge in our food supply chain. Our current industrial food waste processes produce by-products that end up in a landfill site; when it decomposes over time, the methane produced goes straight into the atmosphere and contributes to the warming temperature. Learning from nature who turns all “wastes” into resources, we propose a circular model to the current food industry with Morphosis, which would recycle 100% of food waste and enable growing new crops locally and economically. 

The project had successfully entered the semi-final of the venture Catalyst Challenge (VCC 2019) of Imperial Enterprise Lab. My team also had the honour to exhibit at Imperial College Advanced Hackspace Demo Day on March 14 - 15th, 2019 and again at Chemistry Future 2040 on April 12 at the Molecular Sciences Research Hub (MSRH) in London, where we had intriguing discussions with the chemical engineers