Intersex: a term created to describe individuals whose anatomy or physiology differ from contemporary cultural stereotypes of what constitutes typical male and female. Whereas one in every 1500 people are born intersex and there is more than 30,000 intersex population currently live in the UK, being Intersex is a biological variation within human sexuality. As the lack of awareness and misunderstanding in medical fields have caused the suffering of generations of children and adults, the subject intersex is not simply political, but biological - it is a genetic reality.  

On February 26th, 2018, I organized a discussion panel on the subject of Intersex at the Royal College of Art. The panel deconstructed the binary values on sexuality held by modern society through the lens of ancient and modern views. The first part of the panel invited Stephen Fry, one of the most well-known intersex rights advocates, for the ancient gender discourse, which is a merging theme of Fry's book Mythos. The second part reveals the modern plight of biologically intersex people, with experiences and insights shared by intersex panelists: American-British comedian, Seven Graham; the producer of the first intersex film Ponyboi, River Gallo; British intersex activist, Amazon Jackson.  The panel has been distinctly supported by transexual artist, Ela Xora, whose recent work, the Mask of Intersex, demonstrates intersex rights over a two-year campaign across Oxford and Cambridge, as well as the RCA staff members including Zowie Broach, the Head of RCA Fashion.