Virtual Exhibition: https://mindscape.world

"Psyche", the word for "soul" and "mind" has its Greek origin meaning butterfly. Human souls, like butterflies, are born into the wormy recipient forms. We need to be dissolved and transformed before emerging to our full glory.

Mindscape allows us to connect with the subconscious mind and gain new insights about ourselves through visual mapping. While most existing mind mapping tools are created for logical reasoning, 90% of the brain’s processing goes into intuitive thinking.

The brain is a self-organising system that regulates information through the motion of “flow”. Our attention flows from one thought to the next, and eventually forms a circle, which stabilises and becomes a perception. By mapping out the flow of our thoughts, one’s seemingly chaotic thinking monologue can be reduced to schematics of perceptions.

When you are standing on top of a mountain, the landscape is expansively spread out in front of you: hills, rivers, valleys, and lakes… In a similar way, Mindscape takes a snapshot of our inner landscape, as if we were standing outside our own consciousness. We are able to observe our thoughts objectively and acknowledge the dominance and relationships among thoughts and understand how our perceptions are formed.