Meet the Glaciers

Tuesday, March 8th, 2021
18:45 - 22:00 CET
Foound | Rue Jean-Dassier 7, 1201 Genève

Glaciers are slow-moving rivers of ice that form from an accumulation of snow over many years. Around 10% of the world’s land surface is currently covered by glaciers, which store around 70% of the Earth’s freshwater. Glacier is a cultural symbol for Switzerland, but also for all countries situated themselves in the glaciers found on nearly every continent. Since 2017, Swiss scientists had already proposed to slow down the malign of the Swiss alps by the use of artificial snow or blankets. In 2019, Iceland also held funerals for the first glacier lost to climate change.

"Meet the Glaciers" offers an embodied experience, integrated with anthropological, scientific, political, and humanitarian perspectives, inviting the audience to feel the state of being of the glaciers. It encourages us to surrender to our senses and allow the performance to guide us through the emotions in facing the loss of glaciers.

Meeting of Waters Series

Based in Geneva, “Meeting of Waters” is a local community at the intersection of Art, Science, and Policy. Our common vision is to shape Water Consciousnessworldwide by raising awareness about water issues. Water is the root of all lives and the broken water system connects to all the underlying symptoms of the climatic and humanitarian crises. Nearly in every culture, water is considered a sacred, life-giving element and provides a spiritual identification to the civilisation. As a diverse community of artists, scientists, researchers, and citizens, our professional work all touches upon water, and our intuitive connection with water brought us together to find the missing piece of emotion –– bring it back and integrate it into our different walks of life.

Our event series focuses on two different water bodies, the Glaciers and the Oceans, where the former symbolises the cultural identity of Switzerland, and the latter unifies the world and continents. The two seminars will be finally featured at the 3-day exhibition accompanied by my other collections on water on May 26-28, 2022.

Reciprocal Seminar (RS)

Reciprocal Seminars (RS) series integrates story-telling, experiential group process, live experimentation, and aesthetic-sonic rendering to generate authentic affects and meanings in the public viewers. Different from the traditional seminars that are linearly interacted between speakers and audience, RS simulate tribal rituals, creating a safe space for our emotions to exist among others. The RS series aims to bring back the circular format of “fireplace” that can hold intimate conversations about urgent issues that threaten our existence.

The audience’s physical and emotional presence is reciprocated to the artist’s work, which influences the sound and gets reprojected to the audience. The interrelational complexity of the performance that takes place at the storytelling actives the multi-sensory experiences of the audience and creates a greater depth of connection to the subject and a sense of safety in the presence of one another in a circle.

Meeting of Waters is the initial prototype of the sonic painting performance realised at Espace Candide and AddictLab in summer 2021, filmed by the Igniz Marketing.

Our Partners


   Foound is not only a concept store, café, bar, coworking space and venue for pop-ups, but also a meeting place that supports and promotes artisans, entrepreneurs and artists through workshops, courses, exhibitions and events. Foound belongs to the Chamber of Social and Solidarity Economy of Geneva and has brought together more than a hundred creative people and professionals from all walks of life in its two spaces in Geneva for the past 6 years.

Peaceland Foundation

   Peaceland Foundation is an international non-profit organization delivering emergence responses and long-term educational programs in global humanitarian crisis and environmental challenges. Established in China in 2018, Peaceland Foundation has worked closely with crisis experts, public diplomacy experts, and entrepreneurs to seek adapt and innovative approaches for humanitarian responses. By the end of 2020, Peaceland Foundation has benefited around 1 million people from 23 countries through disaster relief, landmine clearance, refugee aids and wildlife protection.

Global Shapers Geneva Hub

   Global Shapers is an Initiative of the World Economic Forum, organized in a global network of more than 400 hubs, operating with 3 main objectives. Geneva Hub is a group of young people acting to a positive impact on the local community and its projects are driven by the real needs of the local community in Geneva. The hub partners with local organizations to make an impact and strives to link young people with organizations, multinationals and local leaders.

Water Initiative IHEID

    The Water Initiative is the creation of a passionate group of students based at The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva (IHEID). Each with their own background and expertise in water-related fields, the initiative aims to raise awareness around water related issues and provides students and young professionals with information on research and career opportunities in the field of water governance, water diplomacy and natural resource management.

Igniz Marketing

    Igniz Marketing is not only the marketing guru who can take your business to the next level –– from content to technology, videos to websites (NFT products coming soon...), they are also a long-term collaborator of QinTheory Studio. With Igniz Marketing, we have realised the short film "Song of the River" in the Giffre River in the French Alps. The film was exhibited at the Espace Candide in summer 2021.