Art Market:Changing the "Climate of the Mind”

Ginkgo Biloba Art Studio

The unprecedented and undisputed threat of climate change is impacting all aspects of our lives emanating both dread and hope. While scientists prophetically addressed many of the alarming environmental concerns of today, the art market has the power to address drastic changes which are contributing to a better world.

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Inner Ocean: Human-Nature Complex through Water

Between Clouds and Water

Why is the ocean salty? This question came to me one day when I was backpacking through Malaysia in 2017. The rivers that flow into the ocean are not salty; the rain and snow that falls from the sky aren’t either. Why only the ocean, where 99% of water on Earth is held, is salty? Or, let me rephrase my question: why is only 1% of the water on Earth consumable?

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Three Mental Models For Young Designers Transitioning from School to Workforce

Swurl Community

Design graduates are like the prototypes made by the design school. One can graduate with a shiny degree and a colorful portfolio, but prototypes remain as prototypes unless it successfully gets funded and implemented in the real world.

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Be Water – the Ancient Chinese Way

Between Clouds and Oceans

How does the way we perceive water affect our self-identities? What does water teach us about treating one another and the earthly environment? Let’s behold today’s water crisis and injustice around the world through an ancient lens.

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Love Letter from 2022

My future-self asked me to read this when I am feeling weak

Dear Charlotte, Happy new year. With all my gratitude, I want to thank you for being here. Without your faith, which guided you to take all the seemingly impossible steps through 2020 to be where you are, I wouldn’t be where I am...

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